Youth Softball Bats


Just like any other kinds of equipment, the youth softball bats are available in different forms. There are various weights, lengths as well as materials utilized depending on the league you belong. The size of the softball bat you necessitate is also dependent on the strength you can exert. It is vital that you choose the suitable softball bat so that you will not break the rules and in order for you to have the best hitting power as much as possible. Learn more about these bats by reading further.

The softball bats may somewhat vary whether you are playing the fast pitch or the slow pitch version. They are similar in that both would prefer a softball bat of about 34 inches. The standard size of softball bat barrels are also similar for both kinds of games at 2 and 1/4 inches. Take into consideration that the smaller the barrel, then the lighter the softball bat will be. The drop, which is the main disparity between the weight and length of the softball bat has a tendency to vary between the two. In fast pitch, there are fewer choices and the drop must be about 12 or less. And for the slow pitch softball bat, there are various drops that you can opt from.

Various materials will generate different results, as a result, selecting the suitable kind of softball bats are vital. Wood is the usual material used for baseball even if a couple of softball leagues don’t permit using these kinds of bats. There are a couple of woods utilized for bats such as composite wood, maple, bamboo and ash. At the present time, most would carry a warranty of about 90 days which has not always been the case for the wooden bats.

On the other hand, the aluminum softball bats have a tendency to be the most preferred option. They are lighter which denotes that you can swing them with greater power. Most people find that they are able to hit the softball a lot farther and with more speed with the use of the aluminum bat. In addition, they have a tendency to be more robust compared to the wooden bats. And having a lighter bat denotes that the sweet spot, the part for optimal contact between the ball and the bat is bigger. A couple of aluminum softball bats are lined with graphite which decrease the weight of the bat even further which makes it more beneficial. Go to this link to know more and get started.

To learn how to properly hold a softball bat, visit


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